Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

And then...

Well, today could have turned out a lot worse. As it was, though, it wasn't exactly pleasant.

After spending most of the morning on the phone with our travel agent in Perth and Virgin Blue, I think I've done as much as I can to work things out for our now cancelled trip to Bali. No word on refunds yet, but the right people have the right information and the appropriate faxes have been sent.

I paused for a lovely lunch with Dan before he took off for the Victorian library to do some research; after lunch, I had a quick break before taking off again to check in with Geoff about getting the chit to take to the post office to get the actual tickets to Bali. He was home, so I got directions from the concierge to get to Geoff's house and asked them to bring the car around.

When I got in the car, I was a little surprised that the driver's seat was so far back. Moving it forward, I noticed that the fridge in the back seat was missing. Hm. And when I got back out of the car and shut the door, the sound of breaking glass falling out of the frame surprised me even more.

Wouldn't you know it, but the car was broken into. Sigh. Total damage: the A$900 fridge plus one case of wine, mostly stuff from the Coonawarra as well as some other goodies like the Karl Seppelt sparkling shiraz. That's about A$340 disappeared. But, thankfully, that was all that was missing. My passport's OK, no other gear got stolen. The hotel isn't liable (understandably), but at least they were helpful in getting the correct police reports filed, getting the glass replaced tomorrow morning, and so on. Sure, I wish they'd given us a free upgrade to a suite for tonight and a bottle of Moët, but really, what more could you hope for?

So, tomorrow we start back towards Sydney via Geoff's post office to get the actual tickets to Bali.

United have also just called and confirmed that we have firm seats on the November 1 flight from Sydney to San Francisco. We may delay a few days to see friends in Sydney, but it looks like we'll be home before too much longer!

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