Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My God, we're almost done.

Dan has just informed me that he has only two items remaining on his to do list for Australia: the Hunter Valley and going to Parramatta, largely to finish researching his family history down under. Wow.

Me, I'm just about finished as well - my last check-off item is to go to the Hunter with Seumas and Julian (if he can take a sickie) and taste wines.

In the meantime, my wonderful uncle Randy has given me a great list of pointers for Bali, and we'll be flying out of Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon. Many thanks as well to the ever friendly orgelcub, who has run interference for us vis-á-vis registered mail deliveries of our tickets to Bali. We should touch down in Denpasar Wednesday morning, at which point I will either relax and have a wonderful time, or freak out in the face of third world craziness and wonder why I ever came. I'm going to make sure it's the former.

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