Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Wine post (again, beware): what's got to go.

OK, so here's the stuff we have that I can't take home with me. Some of it's going to go away as gifts (the Swan, for one, cuz it's prettily wrapped); some of it just going to get drunk at some point or another (probably at least six bottles in Bali, for example). The list is incomplete right now because it's too cold to go out to the car and see what's in the big bin in the back.

1999 Marribrook cabernet malbec merlot
1997 Marribrook marsanne (2 bottles)
2001 Peter Lehmann chenin blanc
2001 Karl Seppelt riesling
1997 Karl Seppelt sparkling shiraz
2000 Sevenhills shiraz malbec
1999 Wignalls cabernet sauvignon
2000 Wignalls pinot noir
2000 Cape Mentelle zinfandel
2000 Swan sparkling cabernet sauvignon (blanc de noirs) (3 bottles)
2000 Mt Barker shiraz (might take this one home...)
2001 Knappstein gewürztraminer
NV Knappstein sparkling riesling
1995 Knappstein cellar release riesling
1997 Knappstein cabernet franc
1998 Leasingham cabernet malbec (half bottle)
2000 Flinders Bay cabernet malbec shiraz (?)

... and a few others. List should be completed eventually. If there's anything you see that you absolutely have to try, and if you live in Australia, let me know and I'll set it aside.

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